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The result of 30 years of research and testing, Mile-Hi Fertilizer is an eco-friendly blended mixture of plant nutrient compounds that encourage root growth while boosting overall plant health. Adding Mile-Hi Fertilizer to the soil improves moisture retention and enhances soil texture as it decomposes.
Our Products
At Mile-Hi Fertilizer, we craft a proprietary mix of all-natural ingredients to make flowers and vegetable gardens flourish in multiple climates. Our products have produced beautiful results for decades thanks to their time-tested and proven formulation. The Mile-Hi suite of products improves soil condition as it nourishes blooming plants.

All-Natural Ingredients


Bee Friendly


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Endorsed by Colorado Rose Societies


Proven Formula Since 1979

Rose Feed

Rosarians use all-natural Mile-Hi Rose Feed to grow healthier, fuller and more brilliant roses.
For Healthier & More Vibrant Roses

Flower & Vegetable Feed

Mile-Hi Flower & Vegetable Feed is a proven product: a unique mixture of plant nutrient compounds and minerals for a truly balanced, complete fertilizer.
For Bigger & More Vibrant Flowers & Vegetables

Kelp Meal

Mile-Hi Kelp Meal is a 100% renewable product that stimulates root development, reduces transplant shock and alleviates temperature stress.
Stimulates Root Development & Enhances Plant Growth
About Us

The belief that perfection exists.

The patience to prove it.

Our founder, Royal Franklin, was not just an avid lover of roses. He was an innovator dedicated to formulating the perfect rose food using only all-natural additives. Season after season, Royal experimented in his garden in Littleton, Colorado, researching and testing year after year until he came upon the perfect combination of ingredients. He began selling his proprietary mix to friends and neighbors out of his garage in the 1980s. Without any advertising, Royal’s company flourished as rosarians using his product enjoyed healthier, fuller and brighter roses. They spread the word as liberally as they spread Mile-Hi fertilizer on their gardens. Today, rose societies across Colorado endorse Mile-Hi products, while their members rely on them to grow their prize-winning roses.

  • Their flower and vegetable feed and kelp meal make great soil amendments. To help new plants get established, I use the kelp meal mixed in planting backfill for its superior water holding ability. Then it breaks down to improve the soil and the plant roots.

    Dave Ingram Denver Rose Society
  • Is the perfect ratio of nutrients and minerals to help your roses thrive.

    A Colorado Rosarian
  • Rosarians on the front range of the Rockies are fortunate indeed to have a dry fertilizer formulated expressly for native soils. The bottom line for the Macon Garden fertilizing regimen is Mile-Hi Rose Feed, which we have been using for as long as it has been available, with excellent results.

    Carol Macon Master Consulting Rosarian, Colorado Springs
  • My roses are much more productive when they are fed with this fertilizer.

    A Colorado Rosarian
  • I've recorded first hand, the improved growing, flowering, and survivability of my and other's roses when using Mile-Hi Rose Feed. The ingredients are supported by research as being highly beneficial to shrub type plants. The formulator of MHRF was an avid, active grower of roses and researched his recipe continuously in order to choose the most efficacious ingredients.

    A Colorado Rosarian
  • The use of organic Mile-Hi Rose Feed gives me bigger and more colorful rose blooms on healthier plants. What else is there to say? It works well on anything I grow. It’s a great fertilizer that you only have to apply three times a year. It builds soil structure, and promotes strong plants from the roots up.

    Dave Ingram Denver Rose Society
  • The late Dr. Warren Kirkley used to say that you can tell the health of the soil in your rose bed by turning over a shovel of soil and counting the number of worms you’ve unearthed. Worms love Mile-Hi.

    Carol Macon Master Consulting Rosarian, Colorado Springs
  • Along with Flower and Vegetable Feed, Mile-Hi Rose Feed adds important nutrients to our alkaline soil for the cultivation of strong, healthy roses. I’d also add a half cup to all your Clematis too. They seem to love it too.

    A Colorado Rosarian

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